Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taking the biggest leap of Faith

Taking a leap of faith, at any time in ones life is a risk. I've found that when you take a leap of faith involving yourself and no other human being usually it works out just how your gut feeling initially indicated it felt. When there are other people involved the equation can be less clear. Especially if there are hidden agenda's that your "hope quota" blinds you to. When you are in this multi-person equation as I was with the Sanctuary and its you personally relying upon the finances offered by other parties, or their word given of assistance and help if needed, this leap of faith equation becomes so much more of an emotional consideration. It requires you to take an honest look at how deep your faith runs, in your own abilities to succeed in a dream, how deep your faith runs in accepting the honesty of others words and how deep it runs in trusting that they mean to give what they have verbalised. At the pre-leap stage there is a moment when you decide yes this feels right, or no I am not sure enough of this yet. Well, at our pre-leap stage we can tell you honestly that we were completely sure. There was an absolute conviction that what we proposed to show was possible, was not only possible but that the time was perfect for it to happen, that the support and back-up support and safety-net support was all in place and assured. And so we leapt;

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stories from a dream year

Horses on the sanctuary found themselves in abundance and an atmosphere of utter relaxation. Free from human interferance and demands. Able to choose interaction if and when and for how long they decided to enjoy it. We could take visitors out and sit a little distance away enjoying their antics, snooze poses, and herd politics. Taking photo's such as this one. It was in every sense a blissful experience shared between the wild ones and us. One in which respect for space and kindness was a given.